America's Infrastructure

An abstract national issue or a real threat to homeowners?

America’s infrastructure – roads, bridges, and water and wastewater systems – are an integral part of what made our nation great. As recently as 2006, America’s infrastructure ranked in the top ten for overall quality. Today, we are ranked 25 th , below many of our biggest trading partners and even some developing nations. 1

How did our infrastructure – the backbone of a modern economy and lifestyle – become so fragile? Infrastructure is complicated and expensive, but the truth is that America has not been vigilant about the shared burden of infrastructure upkeep. Our bridges and water mains are getting older, and instead of investing to keep them updated, we collectively hope the structures serving us will keep working.

The decay of America’s critical infrastructure isn’t new, but there is a crucial untold story that American families need to hear today. Infrastructure can be a big, abstract concept, despite the fact that we use it every day, but failing water and wastewater systems, including the piping that connects these municipal systems to the home, can quickly become a very real threat to individual homeowners.

This website brings a focus to the impact that deteriorating water and wastewater systems are having today on municipalities around the country and also the hidden danger facing individual American families with the infrastructure serving their homes. The bottom line is that American homeowners should take steps today to prepare themselves and protect their families, homes, and finances from the costs and damages of water infrastructure-related home emergencies.

Case Studies

Meet Calvetta Williams, a 41-year-old single mother of three. Three months after moving into her new home in Des Moines, Iowa, she was faced with her own failing infrastructure that she was not prepared for.

Calvetta, who owns an in-home child care business for several families in the community, was unprepared to pay almost $7,000 to repair a water service line leak.

Watch the video to see her story.

Watch the video to see her story

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The Hidden Danger of Failing Water Infrastructure


Cold snap leads to water main breaks in Louisville

1/09/2015 | Louisville, Kentucky

Several burst pipes sent crews scrambling to make repairs on Friday morning.

As the temperature goes down, the number of water main breaks here in Louisville goes up.

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Crews fix Fairview Heights water line break

8/01/2014 | Fairview Heights, Illinois

Parts of Fairview Heights had low water pressure Friday morning because of a broken 12-inch water line that cracked while the Illinois Department of Transportation was replacing a storm sewer line.


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